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Canton Dish Barn StoreWe are located in Canton, Texas, at Hillside Shops on Row 1 at the world famous First Monday Trade Days. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff eagerly await to answer your questions and serve you for all your Fiesta® needs. We are constantly updating our inventory!

Feel free to call us at 214-543-2102 to check availability of colors and items. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope you will visit our store!

First Monday Trade Days Hours:

Thursday- 9am to 4pm                                 

Friday-      8am to 5pm

Saturday-  8am to 5pm

Sunday-   9am to 4pm

By appointment throughout the month.




Canton Dish Barn

Hillside Shops on Row 1
Canton, TX 75103


Phone:  214-543-2102
Email: [email protected]  


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