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Canton Dish Barn StoreWe are located in Canton, Texas, at Creekside Shops on Dealer's Row at the world famous First Monday Trade Days. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff eagerly await to answer your questions and serve you for all your Fiesta® needs. We are constantly updating our inventory!

Feel free to call us at 214-543-2102 to check availability of colors and items. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope you will visit our store!

First Monday Trade Days Hours:

Wednesday- 9am to 4pm

Thursday- 9am to 4pm                                 

Friday-      8am to 5pm

Saturday-  8am to 5pm

Sunday-   10am to 4pm




Canton Dish Barn

Creekside Shops on Dealers Row
Canton, TX 75103


Phone:  214-543-2102
Email: [email protected]  


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