Our Eclipse at the Canton Dish Barn

Our Eclipse at the Canton Dish Barn

Watch the 2017 solar eclipse as we saw it at the Canton Dish Barn

Having a little fun on the 2017 Eclipse day starring:

 The Sun- New Fiesta® Daffodil dinner plate

 The Moon- Fiesta® Ivory dinner plate

Hope everyone still has their vision! Tell us how you like the new Color. We here at the Canton Dish Barn are really excited by the Vibrant Hue of the intense Yellow we now have as Daffodil. Like the sun, it is going to be hard to eclipse the brilliance of the 2017 color! It is pairing nicely with the others. 

So Fiesta Today, Siesta Tomorrow! 

See ya on the web,




  1. Shellie Roach Shellie Roach

    Sure! Of course the color palette is changing so we like the Reds, Yellows, Oranges obviously but don't leave out Green as in the evergreens that will still be around and add some Purples to fill It out. The goto: grab a fluted Fiesta vase and surround it's base with those cute little baby pumpkins in assorted sizes and colors. Find some fall flavored stems, with or without leaves, bundle with ribbon and insert them in the vase. Moving in a different direction you could use a large sizeable bowl, use pine cones to fill it along with maple leaves or other fallen leaves sprinkled in the mix. Baskets are always timely for fall and can be used to hold fruits, candles, squashes etc. Happy decorating Shelley!

  2. Shelley Ventrca Shelley Ventrca

    Sometimes it's hard for my uncreative self to come up with a cute centerpiece. I have lots of cute fiesta pieces to use...Can you help me out with a clever centerpiece for my table for the fall holidays?

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